Some rules to make our stay together at Bagni Ausonia pleasantly unique!


Spread a little kindness


The use of the mask is mandatory when you are unable to maintain the safety distance of 1 meter to other people, and whenever you are in an indoor room.
It is possible to stay under your beach umbrella without using the mask.
The use of the towel on beach beds and regular hand sanitation is mandatory.


Relaxed elegance. The management of Bagni Ausonia reserves the right to select its customers.
All Bagni Ausonia customers must observe the safety rules issued by the port authority of Livorno.


Right space for your relaxation. The maximum capacity for each beach umbrella is 4 adults, except for the children under 12 years old. Children under the umbrella, where there are already 4 adults, cannot be more than 2.


Guest selection. The beach umbrella is not transferable to third parties unless agreed with the management.


For hygiene reasons, the use of a beach towel is mandatory to lie on beach beds and chairs.


It is forbidden to use the areas of nearby beach umbrellas (even if empty) unless authorized by the legitimate owners or by management.


For hygiene reasons it is allowed to eat exclusively under your beach umbrella, in any other part of Bagni Ausonia it is strictly forbidden.
The only exception is for mothers who have to breastfeed their babies, who, if required, can move to the shady areas of Bagni Ausonia or inside our grotto, without however disturbing other guests.


Our goal is to grant the right space to everybody. Each extra guest must be communicated (exclusively by the owner of the beach umbrella) to management. Non-communicated guests will be automatically charged at a cost of € 10 per day per person.


More than two guests (where the maximum capacity of 4 adults per beach umbrella has already been reached) must strictly rent another beach umbrella. Failure to communicate will automatically charge the extra cost to the beach umbrella owner.


Cabins can only be shared between friends and relatives and can accommodate a maximum of 8 adults and up to 4 children. If you exceed these limits you will be required to rent another cabin. Not communicated Guests will be automatically charged at a cost of € 10.00 per day per person.


All customers’ inflatables must be stowed into their own cabins. Guests without a cabin can use a specially created buoy to moor them on the sea water front of Bagni Ausonia (protected area).


In the evening, no objects can be left under the beach umbrellas. Management is not responsible for items left inside Bagni Ausonia (including inside the cabins). All lost and found will be held by management for a week after which they will be disposed.


“The Rotonda” is left free for solarium use for Bagni Ausonia customers. Eligible customers are all those who have their own beach umbrella. It is strictly forbidden to bring beach chairs or sun beds from nearby umbrellas to the rotunda.


Customers are reminded that in order to allow all guests to use the rotonda it is forbidden to reserve the place by placing towels.
Any unattended towel (for more than 30 minutes) will be removed by Bagni Ausonia staff.


The terrace lounge of Bagni Ausonia is reserved for the gazebo customers of Bagno Ausonia. The furnishings of the central gazebo must be used exclusively as a relaxation area and reading room. It is forbidden to lie down, eat, sleep and in general do any unauthorized activity that may disturb the customers of the terrace lounge.


The management of Bagni Ausonia reserves the right to modify these rules without prior notice.